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Hiker*Emerald pool--Located at the eastern rim of the Morne Trois Piton National Park, this hike leads you along a gently undulating mile long loop to and from the magnificent glimmering pool. Nestled in heart of the rain forest, the pool has an opening in the canopy overhead that beams light into the shallow pool to create its rich, emerald colour. A mini waterfall feeds the pool and it is partially encircled by small grottos. Try to go at off-peak times on a day no cruise ships are in.
HikerHiker*The Cabrits-- The Cabits National Park is not a hike in the true sense of the word, but wandering up and down the slopes to see the 18th century Fort Shirley ruins scattered in this 260 acre twin humped park is a jaunt. The old garrison, built from the 1770s, is considered one of the more impressive military sites in the region. With over 50 structures and ruins spread across this National Park, there is lots to see, from partially restored buildings, ruins and an interpretive centre, to lowland forest and swampland areas. The overlook into Prince Rupert's Bay is stunning. (2 hikers)
Hiker*Scott's Head--This mini-pinnacled mound arcs to form the southern perimeter of the Soufriere/Scott's Head Marine Reserve and the island. This is a short, steep climb that offers a lovely view of the bay and the lower west coast of the island. Remnants of Fort Cashacrou still stand at the top of this mound.
Hiker*Syndicate Trail--Located at the base of Morne Diablotin, the island's tallest mountain (4 700 feet), this is a rather flat, ¾ mile loop with specially made lookouts. It's a long, long drive to the sight, but well worth it. Situated at about 1800 feet, the Syndicate's attraction is not just the panoramas, but the chance to perhaps glimpse the Sisserou (Amazona imperialis) and Jacko (Amazona arausiaca) parrots. Both are indigenous to Dominica and while the large Sisserou is the national bird, it is endangered. Best times to see the parrots is early morning or evening.
dom2 Hikerhalfhike*Trafalgar Falls--In the heart of the Morne Trois Piton National Park cascades the magnificent twin Trafalgar falls. The forestry division recently upgraded the path so it is a simple, relatively flat walk to the look out now. The two falls—papa and mama—recently traded places in popularity. The larger papa falls suffered a major landslide a few years ago so the challenging hike to the falls' mid-point for a relaxing soak in the hot mineral spring is gone. However, the fallen rocks opened an access to the mama falls and now you can clamber your way to the base of the falls. The tumbling waters plunge into a pool and the overflow ripples over the rocky terrain. (Trek to look out 1 hiker, trek to mama falls 2 hikers)
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