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HikerHikerHiker* Middleham Falls--This is about a three hour loop in and out to a far less frequented falls. Located at the northwest end of the Morne Trois Piton National Park, Middleham Falls has three different trails leading to it, but the simplest route is from Laudat village. You journey through some 950 acres of rain forest to reach this tall, thin cascade. The falls dramatically tumble into a narrow passage before reaching a lovely round pool at the base. The hike undulates, but is not extremely strenuous. Getting to the pool, however, is tricky. It is steep and slippery, but worth the effort.
HikerHikerHiker* Pointe Baptiste—Located on the north coast of the island, this is perhaps one of the island's most beautiful and scenic beach views. With the jagged mountains for a backdrop, the rich red rock formations combine with the turbulent waters and long, pristine beach to create a picture-perfect, almost meditative setting. The trick in this hike is a one way challenge. The path leading to and from the beach is very precipitous, so draw a long breath for the trek back up.

HikerHikerHikerHiker * Galion point---a small, almost indiscernible trail between Soufriere and Scott's Head villages marks the start of this ‘hike'. This is not an exceptionally long trek, but it is a 500 foot vertical climb that is not for the mildly fit. The vistas of the massive bay and Scott's Head are spectacular and there are several vantage points. However, if you're not up to it, you can take an exciting 20 minute vehicle ride up to the point via a very round-about, twisting road.

HikerHikerHikerHiker* Freshwater & Boeri Lakes—The Boeri hike starts at Freshwater Crater Lake. You can drive the one mile to Freshwater and begin the mile and a quarter hike up to the Boeri, or combine the two into one hearty hike. Freshwater Lake is at an altitude of about 2 800 feet and while it is now used as a water reservoir it has not lost any of its beauty. Its placid waters are soothing to view, while the barren landscape along the shore give the setting an almost surreal feel.
The Boeri trail leads you up to 3 000 feet, travelling past elfin forest, rippling streams, hot and cold springs streaming from the mountainside and two sharp ridges. The lake itself is one of the island's largest and is over 100 feet deep and more then four acres across. The rocky shoreline is tempting to clamber over, but National Parks officials warn against this because of the danger involved.
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