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hikerhikerhikerhikerhikerBoiling Lake--Not for the feint of heart, the trek to the Boiling Lake offers, if nothing else, tremendous variety in torture. This trek begins in Laudat village and is right in the heart of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. Although the lake is just under six miles one way, it is a full day expedition. This can be a ‘messy' hike, so plan to get wet and maybe muddy as well. The hike entails passing by through Titou Gorge, a narrow, deep canyon, and then Breakfast River. There is a nice hot spring at the mouth of the canyon for those sore muscles on the way back.
After the river, you climb the ridge of Morne Nicholls, then descend into the Valley of Desolation with its bubbling fumeroles and steam escapes. From there the trail leads over a number of sharp ridges and ravines and opens out to flat moonscape-like terrain, which is the final leg to the lake.
This is the second largest boiling lake in the world and is essentially a flooded fumerole. This trek requires a guide and an extremely strong constitution.
hikerhikerhikerhikerhikerMorne Trois Pitons—Named after the island's largest national park, the Morne Trois Piton is the second tallest mountain in Dominica. This is a strenous, five to six hour trek that takes you through montane forest, elfin woodland and rocky terrain. The highest point of the mountain rises to some 4 600 feet. (5 hikers)
Morne Diablotin trail--This hike is for the unusually fit. Considered one of the toughest hikes on the island, it is a full day of serious climbing to the top of the island's highest mountain at 4 700 feet.
If you go to Dominica and hike, make sure you abide by the local recommendations on the tougher hikes and secure a guide through the Forestry division or your hotel. Bring appropriate clothing, including comfortable hiking boots and grub clothing you really don't care about.
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