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Barbados, the most easterly island of the Caribbean, is a little dot of 166 square miles that lies some 1 500 miles south southeast of Miami, Florida.

The island is coral-capped and relatively flat with the notable exception of a district on the eastern side where the strata of the island’s genesis can be seen in peaked, jagged hills flanking the Atlantic Ocean. This rustic, wild side of the island is far different from the western shores, where the Caribbean Sea gently laps the white sand beaches up and down the coast.

Barbados has a long and stable history. Settled in 1627 by the British, it soon became England’s "boom town" territory with migrants sailing across the sea to settle and cultivate the ‘white gold’ of that era, sugar.

Unlike other islands, Barbados remained under British rule until its independence on November 30, 1966. The people of the island are primarily of African descent, whose ancestors came to the island during the tumultuous slave era. Principal minorities of Anglo Saxon, East Indian and Lebanese are also resident.



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